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Dinner at Shanghai Wonderful Restaurant (旺)

Couple weeks ago, my family and I went to Shanghai Wonderful Restaurant  旺 for some Shanghainese food. It is located across from Lansdowne, and it’s bright and yellow sign is definitely eye catching to any passerbys. My parents (and I)remain impressed the food of this place.

Dish 1: Mushu Pork with 8 Crepes


Mushu Pork with Sweet Sauce

Mushu Pork on Crepe!

I enjoyed my mushu pork wrap very much. Mushu pork primarily consists of shredded pork, scrambled eggs, with sliced wood ear mushrooms. It’s tasty with the sauce. We had some leftover so I brought it to mix with my rice for lunch, but it was bland- sauce is needed!

Dish 2: How can our table not have juicy pork buns aka 小籠包 aka “Little dragon buns (if you read it literally in Chinese.)”


There were fat and lumpy. The pork and juice inside was tasty, but these aren’t the best ones I’ve had. Decent, though. I wish the peel outside was more chewy.

Dish 3: Salty Pork Fried Rice

Salty Pork Fried Rice

This was my favourite of all. It was a bit salty with the salted pork, the vegetables were delicious and chopped up nicely, and the whole combination made this fried rice a hit.

Dish 4: Chicken with Wonton Hot Pot

Chicken and Wonton in Hot Pot

My parents enjoyed this dish. The soup was tasty and didn’t taste like  water + msg. The wontons were filled with flavour.

Dish 5 (aka Dessert) : Fried Red Bean Paste “Cookies”

Fried Read Bean paste "cookies"

We had these slices of fried red bean paste in a cookie style for dessert. They’re not actually cookies, as it’s more like burnt-ish bread with red bean taste. This isn’t the type of dessert I’d usually enjoy and not something I would order again. There was too much red bean paste and because the crust was hard, I was biting into it andit tasted like those fried donuts you get with congee.

Here’s a receipt of the breakdown of our costs!


This place serves great dishes for lunch or dinner, and it’s always busy! The customer service is very friendly. I always ask for extra vinegar with extra ginger slices for my pork buns and they deliver quickly! Be sure to try this place if you want some Asian cuisine in Richmond!

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11 thoughts on “Dinner at Shanghai Wonderful Restaurant (旺)

  1. Ahhhhhhh dim sum! I am craving that so much… 小籠包 is probably one of my favourite dim sum! So so sooooo delicious! I wish there were some dim sum places in London… guess I will have to wait till I go to Toronto! Great post! :)

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