Mini Cinnaroll

Cinnammon & Spice, Everything nice @ Cinnzeo

After watching Titanic at Metrotown today, I had to indulge on some comfort food to make up for the empty feeling I had after the movie. Without any doubt, I headed straight to Cinnzeo, Cinnzeo is one of my all time favourite bakery places, because their cinnamon buns are to die for.

Mini Cinnaroll

I bought a miniroll for $3.29 and I think I ate it faster than the time it took me to wait in line and buy it. The cinnamon bun is freshly made, so it is always hot when you eat in. It’s also very smooth and easy to cut, so I can take some time to indulge. The frosting is a hit, because I cannot stop scooping up the remains of it with my fork!

They also sell bigger cinnamon rolls for $4.09, but I had to restrain my craving! Additionally, Cinnzeo offers mini cinnamon bun dippers or packaged boxes of cinnamon buns. I regret not buying a package because I’m getting hungry typing about it.

That dessert covered the “cinnamon” part of my post. Now for the spice

Apple Cider

Apple cider ($2.40 for a small)! One of my all time favourite drinks, and it’s great for the days I don’t want dairy or caffeine. What I love about this cider compared to other places, is the cinnamon stick they put in. I tend to use it as a straw to drink my cider, and the taste is absolutely heavenly. I also have a tendency to chew the bottom of the stick that is soaked in the cider. Not very ladylike, but with a drink that good, who cares?!

I have not found a single place to top the cinnamon buns from Cinnzeo! The only drawback is that the closest location is either a 45 minute drive from my house or a 1.5 hour bus ride. :(
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8 thoughts on “Cinnammon & Spice, Everything nice @ Cinnzeo

  1. I haven’t had cinnaman buns in SO LONG and now I’m really craving them!

    Speaking of Titanic, I went on a little Titanic-binge the last two days in anticipation of finally watching the movie in a couple of weeks. I went on a rampage looking for Titanic clips, learning about the ship and its history. I found documentaries detailing conspiracy theories behind the ship, too – everything was so interesting and now I’m super pumped to watch it for the first time (I realize I’m 15 years late)! :P

    By the way, Leonardo DiCaprio makes a very charming 1900’s young man. I am falling for him already. Well, the 20-year-old him – make no mistake about that.

    • YAYYYY you’ll love the movie! It is simple amazing. Leonardo Di Caprio is drop dead gorgeous in the movie! Had a huge crush on him when the movie first came out in 1997!

      • Not so much now – so old and wrinkly and… scrubby. LOL but man he’s so charming as a boy!

        It’ll be a few weeks yet, but I already know I’m going to be bawling… :P

  2. Great post about our CinnZeo rolls and other products! We currently have 4 locations in British Columbia and sell our sister products ( also known as Baker Boys ) in stores like Costco, WalMart, SuperStore and Macs – so if you can’t get to a bakery try looking for our other products near by. These products are just as delicious when you pop them in the microwave for a few seconds to heat up and let the gooey deliciousness melt a little. We appreciate your blog and hope you keep trying the rest of our product line!

    Visit us online at for more info and location details!

    • Oh I didn’t know you have sister products! Will definitely check them out because I love your cinnamon buns! Haven’t had one in a while!! Thanks for checking out my blog! :)

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