My Odd Luck from Never Giving Up

Half the year of 2012 haven’t even passed by and I already managed to lose two important school necessities- my laptop and my bus pass/student Id within 2 weeks of each other; and found it.

The day I lost my laptop was one of the worst top ten feelings in my life! I was being stupid- I was sitting outside the classroom, waiting for the previous class to exit, and put my laptop (which was inside a laptop bag) beside me on the bench. After the previous class emptied the classroom, I went into class leaving my laptop behind. When my class was over, it hit me; I forgot to bring in my laptop.

FML moment ensues.

I was trying very very very hard not to burst into tears in the middle of UBC campus. I tried to be rational. I went to the building’s main office and gave them my phone number and contact. I went to UBC Security and called RCMP. I freaked out and printed LOST signs and pasted them everywhere.

Sure, people lose laptops all the time; but I never thought I’d be one of them.

After day 1, I was pretty sure I’ll never see my little Acer again. I didn’t want to give up though. I found my professor and asked her to send out a mass email to everyone in class who recalled seeing my laptop. I posted on the Facebook groups. I posted signs in the classrooms. I tweeted to UBC and told them to RT me. I went to UBC Information Technology services and they said they could technically track down if someone turned on my laptop on campus if they locate my MAC address, but the chance was very very slim.

As the days passed, a little bit of hope drained from me through each trickling minute, so I bought a new laptop from Best Buy but  hated it, so I was still looking for new laptop options.

Suddenly, on day 6 post laptop losing day; I received an email from the staff of the building where I lost my laptop in- someone had returned it! My Acer has returned. Oddly, whoever took my laptop, kept the laptop bag. Why? No idea. But I had everything back- my homework, my files….. one of the most joyous OMG moments ever!I tried emailing the person who returned my laptop, but he never replied…..

Nevertheless, it was a pretty miraculous moment.

Two weeks later, I dropped my coin purse which held my UBC ID + UBC bus pass and I had another FML moment. I kind of accepted that fate wouldn’t be too kind, and I’ll probably never find it again. I was stupid to put my purse in a shallow pocket of my jacket. I already contemplated of losing $60 to replace my ID/bus pass; and my Coach coin purse would be never seen again. However, some other kind Vancouver citizen picked my purse, took out my upass, found my phone number, and called me and returned everything. And my money was still in it.

I have no idea who else to thank other than those kind strangers- fate? luck? God? Sometimes the worst can happen to me; but I always have the silver lining.

Lesson of my life : Make sure everything I own is in pockets with zippers! And don’t give up- because things eventually return.

If you have other crazy stories; please share! :)


3 thoughts on “My Odd Luck from Never Giving Up

  1. Nice. You are one lucky girl. I usually have a lot of crazy stories but mine has stayed in the bad luck mode so far. Hopefully things wil change soon.

  2. Oohhh lucky! I know that feeling of getting something back when you have given up! I lost my student ID and bus pass one time when I went grocery shopping. I called the places I went and they didn’t give a bleep and said it’s none of their business. I headed to campus to pay the $50 to get student ID and bus pass…. but as I was going to pay I saw a bus pass holder there, and guess what? It was mine! It was pretty unbelievable but I was so thankful!!

    • I know that feeling :D I always lose my bus pass for some reason…every time..I’ve only replaced it once.. but it sucks..all the freaking out I go through..T_____T

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