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Pastries at Coco et Olive

Shopping on Main Street with my friend, we made a little pit stop at Coco et Olive for some pastries to replenish our energy for shopping.

Coco et Olive

It has a very clean exterior and a very simple, fresh, and airy interior. There is a counter with displays of pastries and paninis. On the wooden column, there is a long chalkboard with different drink and their prices. I found it fairly expensive, so I didn’t purchase anything to drink.

Quick snapshot of display

As a lover of cinnamon pastries, I ordered a slice of cinnamon cake with caramel and walnuts. It had a great cinnamon scent and taste to it, and caramel swirls are infused within the cake. I found the glazed caramel at the top of the cake was a bit too sweet for my liking, and I ended up scraping some off. The walnuts were a nice addition. This was a fairly huge slice and I felt stuffed after I finished it.

I wish it could’ve been heated up, as hot pastries appeal more to me than room temperature.

My fellow shopping friend ordered a slice of Brown Butter Caramel Cake with Caramelized Nectarines.She let me take a bite and I liked how the cake wasn’t extremely sweet. However, it was quite pricey for $3.99. The person working there also added whipped cream on the side, which I enjoyed dipping the cake and part of the cinnamon slice in. The nectarines, however, definitely needed caramelizing since they were rather sour.

Brown butter caramel cake

Top view

I was delighted at the plates Coco et Olive used- the decorative china made me think we were at a tea party.It was a satisfactory indulgence along my shopping trip.


✔ Free wifi
✔ Not the usual pastries
✔ Big portions for the cinnamon cake
✔Clean and airy ambiance
✔ Cute plates


✘ Inconvenient location
✘ A bit expensive

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