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Tea Time: Organic Pu’erh Ginger

I have decided to add another section under my food category- tea. I love drinking tea and I buy so many flavours my parents complain I have enough to open my own tea store. I drink tea every single day, approximately 5-8 cups depending whether I’m at home or at work. Tea is extremely healthy- it can be a thirst quencher or act as a medicine!

One of my recent purchases is David’s Tea – Organic Pu’erh Ginger. I bought 100g, which comes with a free tin and when I bring the free tin for refill, I can get $0.50 off my purchase.

Name of Tea: Organic Pu’erh Ginger

Where to Buy: David’s Tea- Oakridge Centre

Cost: 50g for $7.50

Description: Combining pu’erh and ginger is like creating an arsenal. These are two of Chinese medicine’s best weapons, each with their own long history of legends and traditional uses. They also happen to be delicious. Especially when blended with a hint of orange, for a hint of citrus to complement the zesty earthiness.

Ingredients: Organic: pu’erh tea from Yunnan Province in China, ginger and orange peel.

I am prone to digestion problems, and the sales associate at David’s Tea recommended this to try. Either it’s a placebo effect or it works, but drinking this after a full meal feels wonderful and exhilarating. It looks like a cup of caffeine minus milk, or black tea. However, it is dark due to aging and fermentation. There is a bit of caffeine content in this, and I found that drinking this keeps me energized when I was staying up late to work on an essay.

I’ve only had just plain pu ‘erh tea in Chinese restaurants, so I knew I would like this tea. The extra addition of ginger gives a great kick of flavour. When I steep the tea leaves in my cup, I love inhaling the aroma of zesty, gingery tea.

I tweeted my love for this tea earlier to David’s Tea, and they suggested to try this iced. I decided to steep a bit in my cup and stuck it in the fridge for a couple hours, and I found it delicious! However, I still like my tea hot.

Tea tin

What’s in your cup of tea? More tea varieties on my blog to come!

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