7 pack macarons

Macaron Adventures Part V: Thierry Chocolate Patisserie

During the end of my shopping trip in downtown Vancouver with one of my classmates, we stopped by Thierry Chocolate Patesserie for some dessert and macarons/French macaroons. She stated they were fabulous- she liked macaroons because of Thierry!

The decor inside the cafe is very elegant- and it sort of reminds me of a place that would be in Hogsmeade in the World of Harry Potter. There were small tables inside, and most of them were full. We buzzed over to the the display of assorted treats and pastries, and it was so hard to choose what we want!

Inside Thierry (quick snapshot)


Chocolate Display

Assorted pastries


It took me a while to take in everything because I was looking around from left to right. My friend and I finally settled a decision and we shared a Passion Fruit Mousse and we each also bought 7 macarons to go.

Passion fruit Mousse

My friend let me chose, so I was the actually final decision maker on the passion fruit mousse. She was a bit skeptical, but once she took a bite, she agreed I made a good choice. I never had actual passion fruit before, only passion fruit flavoured bubble tea- and it tasted exactly that, but more fruity. It was absolutely delicious- it was soft so it melts right in the mouth. It was extremely fresh tasting and I kept scooping more and more continuously and was so sad to see it finished.There are also tiny macaron shells on the side of the cake.

From the yellow gelatin on the top, to the mousse, to the biscuit at the bottom- every bite was heavenly. This mousse made me love fruity desserts so much more than chocolate ones.

Continuing my macaron adventures, I left the store with a 7 pack of macarons for $13.65.

Thierry Macarons to go

I love the colourful hexagon box that the macarons were packaged in. Macarons are pulled out like a tray from it:

7 pack macarons

I got lime, lemon, coffee, and lychee. I found the lemon a bit sweet and less citrusy than I preferred, but the citrus flavour from the lime made up for it. I loved the lychee one, and wish I got two of those instead, since it was not powerfully sweet, and had a delicious hint of lychee flavour. The coffee with coffee cream in the middle tasted absolutely delicious- the coffee cream is much better than the other creams I have ever tried. There should be a coffee macaron latte or frap! My favourite flavour out of the bunch! Overall, these macarons were very soft and chewy. The buttercream in the middle was creamy, it didn’t harden and stick to the shells. In fact, it was so creamy- when I bit into the coffee one, some of the cream started to leak!

For all those passing by, this place is a must-stop and try in downtown Vancouver. I’m so happy to find so many French cafes serving such authentic treats!

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3 thoughts on “Macaron Adventures Part V: Thierry Chocolate Patisserie

  1. Drooling… I know this is silly but I’ve never tried a French macaroon, I know I know. I’m putting it on my to do lost to be done this summer. I would love to visit Vancouver, maybe I’ll put that on my list as well.

    • You’re not behind! I only started trying them out recently!
      You should definitely visit Vancouver, just make sure you don’t come during the rainy season!

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