Chicken burger + Lobster Bisque

Convenient Burgers and Salad: Market Square Cafe

My mom often goes to the cafe, Market Square Cafe, located on the second floor in the Bay at Richmond Centre. Recently they changed some of their menu and my mom wanted to go again and I joined her. This place is usually very quiet and not busy, and employees from Richmond Centre eat lunch there. I have to admit, the people who eat there are mainly older, hence the quiet ambiance.

Market Square Cafe

There is a limited selection of food- the menu is mainly sandwiches, quiche, soups, salads, and desserts.

Sandwich selection

Salad selection


More desserts!

The cafe always have some sort of meal deal going on. My mom and I  shared a chicken burger plus a side cup of soup (or you can get tossed salad) for $6.99. Because we wanted a premium side cup of soup, I paid an extra dollar to get Lobster Bisque. My other option (that didn’t cost an extra dollar) was Cream of Broccoli. Thus, the total value of my meal was $7.99.

Chicken burger + Lobster Bisque

The lobster bisque was very creamy, and I could taste a rich lobster flavour in it. However, I feel that the cooks skimped out on the meat portions. I could taste tiny chunks of lobster here and there, but I wish there was more. Nevertheless, the soup itself was exquisite, and I’m glad I paid an extra dollar for this rather than Cream of Broccoli. For creamy soup lovers, this is worth a taste test.

Close up of burger

The burger was quite delicious, but small. I finished it in several bites. I liked the grilled chicken- it was well flavoured and juicy. I’m glad it wasn’t a piece of grilled chicken that looked like it was stuffed in. The chicken was grilled with a sauce and then other condiments were added to the burger. I wish I had an option to choose a whole wheat bun or not, but  I guess the employees of the cafe are health conscious.

My mom was also craving salad, so she ordered a Greek salad for $4.99. It also came with balsamic vinegar on the side.

Greek salad

Greek salad, unleashed

The vegetables in the Greek salad of the salad was very fresh, but I found there was a huge amount of tomatoes compared to spinach. The bowl was medium sized, wish the proportions were a bit bigger for that price. I prefer going to Quiznos for their $3.49 side salads.

There are also other value combos including:

  • Sandwich + cup of soup = $7.99
  • Sandwich + bowl of soup = $8.49
  • Sandwich + large bowl of soup = $9.59
  • Add pop to any sandwich = +$1.99
  • Add water to any sandwich = $1.49
  • Pastry + bowl of soup + coffee = $5.99 (pastry = cheese biscuit or muffin)

The food there is generally expensive, but the location is convenient. Other places serving similar food is either less expensive, or better quality with that price, with free water.

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