Dessert at Mazazu Crepe

One of my favourite food courts is in Aberdeen Centre because it is  filled with various selections of food- Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and even a Vera’s.  They also have lots of different dessert and snack stores too. A place I tried recently is Mazazu Crepe– which is a shop selling Japanese styled crepes. They have been opened for quite a while now, at least more than a year, so I’m kind of late trying this place!  I can’t remember the last time I had a crepe, it must have been years at Cafe Crepe in downtown.

Mazazu Crepe

This place sells savoury and sweet crepes- so you could have either a meal or a snack/dessert. They also sell smoothies and soft serve ice cream. They had a large glass display on the types of crepes and what’s in it:

Crepe display

I had the Caramel Strawberry Cheesecake soft ice cream, since it had everything I liked in it. The fake crepe shows the crepe as a flat, but when you order it and pick it up, it’s rolled into a cone. I had a choice of milk ice cream or green tea. I chose green tea.

My choice of crepe

They make it fresh when you order. I watched them make the crepe part, and then watched them add the stuffing.


Final product…


I had to pay an extra $0.05/spoon since I was sharing the ice cream.

The person stuffing my crepe literally added 3 strawberry slices. I don’t think it even made up a whole strawberry. If I buy a strawberry flavoured something, I expect more strawberries! They also filled whipping cream at the bottom of the cone, then added the green tea ice cream on top, and stuffed a slice of cheesecake in it. I thought the whole cheesecake in the cone was genius, because I love cheesecake. I would have thought green tea ice cream with cheesecake was odd, but they tasted together pretty well.

I loved the green tea ice cream. It tasted very rich and milky, and had a true green tea flavour to it. I would come back to get a soft serve green tea ice cream. The whipping cream was just the typical aerosol whipped cream, nothing special. The crepe was made fresh, and it was still warm when I was eating it, and it didn’t melt the ice cream. It was quite chewy and I could taste a bit of sweetness in it. I wish the crepe was a bit crispier though.

The whole cone

This is the picture of the whole crepe. The crepe isn’t actually that tall and goes all the way down to the tip of the cardboard holder. Looks can be deceiving, eh? Whipping cream layered on the bottom, ice cream on the top. I wish they added some strawberries on the bottom of the cone too, instead of 3 tiny slices on top! I found that it was a bit pricey, since after tax it came to $6.25

I like the concept of this dessert- which a chunk of cheese cake and rich green tea ice cream. They shouldn’t be too cheap on the fruits and wish they added more ice cream and fruits at the bottom of the cone, so you aren’t eating pure whipped cream + crepe. This dessert packs a lot of sugar and calories, so I think this dessert is suited for two.


✔ Made fresh
✔ Delicious green tea ice cream
✔ Filling


✘ Too little strawberry toppings!
✘ Could be a long wait if busy- there was one cash and 2 other people making the crepe when I went.
✘ Paying $0.05 for an extra tiny spoon

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