DreamLumi Highlighting Concealer

Brighten or not? Maybelline’s DREAMLUMI Touch Highlighting Concealer

As a victim of dark undereye circles, I picked up Maybelline DreamLumi Touch Highlighting Concealer in Radiant at Walmart a long time ago to try it out.  I have been coveting YSL’s Touche Eclat, but it is way beyond my budget means, and picked up Maybelline’s hoping it would be something similar. I’ve been using this product once in a while, not often, since I didn’t find it as effective as I hoped. This product is a “gel based formula diffuses light to erase dark circles for on-the-spot perfection in just one touch.” The description sounded like something I need. There are 6 different shades: ivory, radiant, buff, nude, beige, and honey. There weren’t many selections when I went to Walmart, so I picked up Radiant.

DreamLumi Highlighting Concealer

The packaging of the concealer is like a pen. The end is a brush to sweep the product on your face. To get more of the concealer, twist the bottom and it will appear on the brush. What is annoying is that sometimes you end up getting more concealer than you actually need. I also got the lid dirty easily.

For Best Results (according to Maybelline)

  • To brighten face, apply over brows as well as to the inner and outer corners of eyes and blend with tip of finger.
  • Apply to sides of nose and on chin and blend to give your face a luminous glow.
  • To sculpt and highlight facial features, apply in small strokes to the cheekbones and blend.
  • To make lips look fuller, outline lips with lumi concealer and blend.
  • To cover imperfections, dot concealer onto desired area and blend.

Perhaps I chose the wrong colour, but it looked so pink on me when I don’t wear glasses, so that I only use a minimum amount for my eye circles when I wear glasses.The pinkness clashed with my natural skin colour, so it looks a bit unnatural under natural light.


When the colour is blended, I can trace where the boundaries of the product is, since it was too pink-orangey for my skintone. Only a little is needed, because the product is quite thick.


Due to the difference to my skin colour and the product colour, I can’t really use it to highlight other parts of my face other than the under eye. The eye on your left hand side has the highlighting concealer, whereas the eye on your right does. It does a little bit of concealing and brightening especially at the outer edges of my eye circles, but I can still see some “darkness” underneath.

Comparison on both eyes

Here is a closeup of the eye:

L: No Concealer
R: Wearing Concealer

The moment the formula blends on the skin closer to my nose, they get instantly dry. This product highlights the other dry parts on my face, so I can’t use it on anywhere else, such as highlighting cheeks and sides of the nose. If I try it on other parts of my face, I look like I have dry, half pink, half beige skin. Even with moisturizer underneath, I feel like I’m highlighting imperfections, not concealing them.

I wish the product had more coverage and less pinkness, but I also think I chose an unsuitable colour so this product doesn’t work as a good multitasker. The idea of an affordable highlighter concealer pen is great, and I can see why many would love this product. It just didn’t work on me.

12 thoughts on “Brighten or not? Maybelline’s DREAMLUMI Touch Highlighting Concealer

  1. I suffer from the dreaded under-eye circles too. Touché éclat does nothing for me, too bad this product was so pink :-( it does brighten you a bit in the after photo. Much love for sharing your circles, sans makeup with us. :-)

  2. Hey girl, I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Very Inspiring and One lovely blog award and thought you may want to check it out. Never tried this product but just might have to see how it works for me… Have a great day!

  3. My sister got me the Touch eclat, and for me, I have a bit of creases under my eyes, so I find that it creases and highlights the imperfections. So I choose to use it as a highlighter. Just bought Bobbi Brown concealer kit (concealer + powder). Asked the makeup artist to apply it, and it still creases a bit (dont think I can find any magical noncreasing concealer..) but my undereye looked brighter w/out being too obvious. Def try it the Bobbi Brown concealer kit if you can~

    • Is the touch eclat working well as a highlighter?
      Everyone is talking about the Bobbi Brown concealer, I might have to try it! But it’s so expensive ~sigh~

      • Yup i think so! I find that the touch eclat works best for me if I apply it before my foundation. You could always buy it and refund it if you don’t like it ;) haha i havent tried JUST the bobbi brown concealer, but i bought the one with the powder b/c i heard that it might smudge under your eyes, so having the powder to set the concealer is better~

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