Fifty Shades of Grey, MEME style

When I first heard that a book had outsold Harry Potter, I was intrigued to find out what it was. Harry Potter is, and will remain, my absolute favourite books in all eternity. Nothing can ever surpass is, so I had to check out this new book! The book on the market was “Fifty Shades of Grey” so I picked it up at Costco to see what the hype was about. If you don’t know the plot, read it on Wiki here– since I want to keep the post kid/teen-friendly. πŸ˜›


First off, here’s a summary of the book between the two protagonists :

Christian: Hi, I’m Christian.


Christian:Β  EAT YOUR FOOD


Christian:Β  I’M ANGRY


Christian: Let’s Kiss and snuggle


Christian: We are going to take off our clothes, but DON’T TOUCH ME! I WILL LOOK LIKE THIS


Christian: Apart from my private helicopter and giant apartment and thatΒ  I can buy you a car and a macbook and a blackberry and an ipod, here’s $500000000 worth of clothes!Β 

Ana: How come you can give me this?

Christian: I’m rich.


I can go on forever, but you get the idea (I hope.)

Many people have noted that this book is similar to Twilight. Funnily, the author actually started her story writing a fan fiction based on Twilight, but she got criticized and moved her story to her own site. The original title was called “Master of the Universe.” Before judging any book, I will most definitely read it. I’m not a fan of those Twilight/Harry Potter haters, since half of them probably only read one or the other, or just seen the movie. Books need to be read and thought about before giving them their final verdict.

When I started reading, I could notice the similarities in Twilight almost immediately. Extremely good looking man that takes every single girl’s breath away, a girl who consistently thinks she’s never good enough for the man, but he thinks he is not good for her. We have Christian Grey, who reminded me of Edward Cullen, and Anastasia Steele as Bella Swan. Even when reading, images of Edward/Bella popped up in my head.This story focuses on the world of Christian Grey, a domineering man with secrets and darkness, and the one and only girl, Anastasia Steele, who manages to bring him to the light.

I could seriously depict my emotions through memes.

Anastasia (Ana) Steele:

Despite the raunchy descriptions of the happenings between Grey and Steele, their conversations and witty banter via email was a nice delight to read. However, beyond that, everything else is questionable. Oh, Anastasia Steele, how glad I am to not have met anyone like you, and I hope I have the fortune to never meet anyone like you.

How many pages have I read on girls who see themselves with no value? I can see a bit of myself in Ana’s perspective, but I don’t think I would be naive enough to be her. So many pages were full of “why me?” and “I can’t fulfill your needs” and “I will never leave you” – I wanted to yell at her to set her mind straight. Reading enough stories like this in the past, I can already predict where the story is going.

She yells at Christian being controlling, yet she lets him be controlled. I think the writer writes it in a way to make you think Ana has her own independent thinking, but she ends up fulfilling Christian’s wishes every, single, time. She’s pretty much like a funnier version of Bella Swan. What happened to the Hermione’s of the world?

Other things that annoyed me:

  • Why couldn’t she use her freaking blackberry? The guy emails her at least 20 times telling her to use a blackberry, a blackberry is sitting right beside her, and I would freak if I knew my emails were to be screened so I would never email such obscene stuff via a work email anyway!
  • Her inner goddess- I seriously think of a gymnast when Ana brings her conscience up.
  • Eat the food. Seriously. I was getting bored reading how much she doesn’t eat.
  • She questions Christian about friends, and I’ve only read like 2 friends she had in the story.
  • If you don’t want the macbook, sell it on craiglist.

Plus, who wears pigtails when they’re in the final year of university? I can’t wrap my head around this.

Christian Grey:

No, girls, do not delude yourself. Do you really want Christian Grey? He’s a sadist, a masochist, and definitely messed up. Put together a man like that and Anastasia Steele, you get a clichΓ©. He’s as controlling freak, and states that all he wants to do is protect Ana.Oh, apparently he can buy everyone and everything.Β  Next time he will probably buyΒ  a million dollar spoon that’s only used for caviar.

Conceptually, I can see the addictiveness of the book,but the general plot and style of the writing is overused and overhyped. It’s slightly entertaining, but horribly written. What bugged me the most was the repetitiveness. I started to wonder if the author was running out of words cause everything seems to repeat themselves. If everyone took a shot everytime he made Ana eat, and everytime she refused, everytime she bit her lip, everytime he widens his eyes, everyone would just die from alcohol consumption and the human population would be wiped out of existence. The whole relationship/conversation between them ends up being a cycle, and I’m rereading a sentence I read a couple pages before. I’m reading a book on a 27 year old man, and a 21-22 year old woman; but I feel like I’m reading a book on a 50 year old man and a 12 year old girl. My face after reading this book:


There were also many grammatical errors (not that my grammar is perfect either, but at least close some quotations and add some commas,) and I find the prose lacking. Being a fan fiction writer myself (yes, I write for fun, and I tell no one my pen name) I could make out the plot line so I wasn’t gasping or being shocked at anything.The element of surprise was absent to me. This book is sort of therapy for the teens who loved Twilight, but are getting old.

If the future of the world rests upon the past of Twilight, I am seriously, very concerned.

Fifty Shades of Grey vs Harry Potter? Harry Potter. And I’m pretty sure there’s fanfiction on Harry Potter better than Fifty out there.


31 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of Grey, MEME style

  1. i just LOL-ed at all the memes! man, i’ve been hearing so much about this book that i’m curious, but at the same time it just sounds like terrible writing to me. thanks for this great post πŸ˜‰

    • Haha oh my I was LOL-ing through the book as well πŸ˜›
      There’s a pdf copy of the book roaming around the interwebs so you can check it out if it’s worth the read or not haha!

    • Me too. I suppose it’ll be another guilty pleasure. I had to try not to crack up at work after seeing all those.

      • haha sorry!
        Yes, it was a guilty pleasure…but not one I would go back to. It’s very hard to get through the last book cause of the terrible writing.

  2. Ahaha, the memes make this ever so priceless. xD I just wish this book would disappear off the face of the Earth, but I know that’s very unlikely.

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  4. Hhahah omg the memes are HILARIOUS! I actually have never read twilight, or watched it, nor is it likely that I will be doing either in the future, so I was a little confused when I first started reading 50 shades and how it’s supposed to be a fan fic from twilight… lol!

    I still don’t really know why this book is so popular… and I’m really wondering how they are going to make it a movie.. since most of the damn series is rated R. Lol! Time to go finish off the last book XD Thanks for the absolutely hilarious memes!

    • Oh you are so lucky to have never watched or read twilight. The books are such a waste of space LOL! They make a good paperweight and that’s about it. It sits on my bookshelf reminding me of my shameful purchase!
      Yeah I have no idea how they’re going to make a movie out of this..apparently ryan gosling is a contender for christian grey, but I really hope not!!

      • I read books on my iPad πŸ˜€ Can’t be bothered to buy the books since I move quite often xD

        I really hope gosling doesn’t play Grey. I highly doubt he would. I’m thinking more like Matt Bomer? At least he fits the image of Grey I have in my mind haha!

      • I’m dying to get an ipad!!! I’ll see how much I have saved by end of summer!
        I hope it’s not gosling…Yes matt bomer!! I have no idea how the movie would be like though. I might just laugh through it.

      • LOL yea! Well I justified about getting iPad (although I didn’t pay for it…lol) that if I read enough books it’s going to cancel out the cost of the iPad anyways… haha

  5. this sounds like a terrible book. As you said though, I agree people should read books before forming opinions about them so I will read this inevitable pc. of crap just so I can complain about it. Just like I did with damn Twilight. Man I can’t believe this beat HP! Just goes to show how de-evolutionized people who read Twilight are becoming… Eek. I seriously thought 50 shades of grey was like a sex book. lmao. I guess it sounds like it might be, but seriously? loved your post btw! Esp the summary in memes!! X

    • it is a terrible book 😦 At least I could use the extra paper as a bonfire or toilet paper when in need.
      I Can’t believe it beat HP either!! I was reading and finding myself rereading it because i’m just whaaaat??? HP has twists and turns and this book just goes in a whole cycle 😦
      hahaahaha I use memes to depict everything in life πŸ˜€

      • LMAO. TP is a good option, but even your behind may be offended. you are so hilarious. Seriously I will read this now and post on it. I am wondering if I should review books and movies so I can talk about what I love and what I hate. Would be awesomee. Did it beat all HP books or which one in sales? I’m just curious! My bf says it beat HP because there are too many 45 yr old women who want to play DJ. lol. his exact words. I”m like, Ewww. x

      • It beat HP in fastest paperback sales 😦
        Yesss do book reviews! I love book reviews! I’m actually quite a bookworm and was planning to add some more reviews of actual good, decent books haha πŸ˜›
        I guess lots of old women needs some love out there 😦 All i need is HP!

      • Omg ridiculous. I was watching this girl on youtube (channel name is – greatlikeminds ) and her reviews of 50 shades was HILARIOUS. Seriously check it out. I was cry-laughing. I will certainly start doing book/movie reviews then! I am a major nerd and I love to read, watch, sing, blah whatever . So definitely will add some of that in πŸ™‚ I look forward to reading your reviews! x LMAO @old women needs some love
        All I need is HP and Girl with a Dragon Tattoo! I love that series as well! Its my fave “grown up” series lol.

      • Its an amazing series, but I was bummed at the end of it all. There were meant to be like 9 in the series, but the author died of a heart attack before the first 3 were even published and the series is unfinished. So its good but the last book has kind of a crap cliffhanger ending which pissed me off lol

  6. LOLOLOL. this is great. ughh i thought i was the only one who was sooo annoyed with the repetitiveness and the predictability and just some of the stupidity of the writing. i like the general “story” but i just don’t like how it was written. someone with much more writing talent should have written it for her. i do give her some credit and it was an addicting book but, overall the writing was pretty bad. And I’m actually really curious to see the movie. (IAN SOMERHALDERRR) GAHHHHHH

    • Hi Blaire, thanks for dropping by πŸ™‚
      I know exactly how you feel- I am reading the same sentence over and over again, only it’s on a different page!
      The writing is reallllly bad.

      • I am so addicted! She is really whiny and seems like she can’t make up her mind. There are so many similarities between the book and my life (with the exception of the freaky stuff) so I can definitely see it relating to a ton of other people.

        I was never really a big HP fan, I stuck to a lot of James Patterson. Hahaha

  7. I finished it -_- Seriously? They end the book like that? UGH! I feel like I just reread Gone With the Wind, its so frustrating! I’m on a mission for the 2nd book. Can you just spoil it for me, in the very end happy ending or sad ending?

    • You finished! I know what you mean 😦
      The second book is actually a bit better. think Twilight, with no Jacob LOL.
      I’m still on the third book..which I have been for the past month….I mark Fifty Shades Freed the worst book ever.

  8. So, “Double Crap” I started reading 50 shades of suck; now on Chapter two and STILL absolutely nothing has happened. I was thinking of doing a review, but do you think people would be offended if the post was titled “50 Shades of Sh**” ? Just curious lol. Also, I think I kind of hate Ana. She’s such an idiot. It actually kind of really bothers me how imperceptive she is compared with how perceptive she acts like she is in the book.

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