Disappointment in a box

June 2012’s Luxe Box is more like Lost Box Now

As some of you may or may not know, Luxe Box has changed their subscription services. Instead of delivering monthly boxes, they are delivering 4 seasonal boxes- Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer.It would cost $26 per season = 1 Luxe Box, $50 for 2 seasons = 2 Luxe Boxes, or a full year (aka 4 seasons) would cost $96. Each box is supposed to contain 7-8 beauty and lifestyle products to help stay on trend. When I read that between the lines, it pretty much screams no to me. The math doesn’t add up right, and what if I don’t like the products on trend? What happened to tailoring products to our needs?

Members can opt to have the last June box, or upgrade to the new membership for free. I had a $12 credit (apparently I skipped the January box) so I opted to have the June box, since I didn’t want to spend my money on these things anymore. Luckily, I made the right choice, since the Luxe in Luxe Box is long gone to me.

So I got my (last) June box and it seems they have resorted to drugstore brands, rather than going on the high end, as they had advertised oh so long ago. I have seen some reviews online on people’s boxes, and I was hoping, hoping I would have something different, but Loose Button enjoys to disappoint.

Disappointment in a box

Yes, they did give out 3 full sized products, but they’re not something I would use. Plus, everyone got the same thing, as if they didn’t care what people had on their profile- just cleaning the extra stock they had! I got:

L’Oreal Mythic Oil:

Mythic Oil

I received 3mL. This is the only product I am excited for, since I like using hair oils.

OPI Top coat:

OPI Topcoat

I don’t really like the OPI top coat, Seche Vite allĀ  the way. Will find some way to give/sell this away.

Olay Professional Pro-X Eye Restoration Complex

Olay Professional Pro-X Eye Restoration Complex

Eh, not a fan. This product seems to be catered to more older woman. Why is a drugstore product so expensive?

Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips

Sally Hansen Nail Stickers

The nail strips are actually bright pink, but my camera couldn’t capture it well. Full size- but I would never, ever wear this on my nails in a billion years.

The box also came with a bonus mirror:


I did get 3 full sized products that paid for the box itself, but it wasn’t the box for me. I do not regret my decision of cancelling, and I’ll be reading what other people get in their seasonal Luxe Box.

6 thoughts on “June 2012’s Luxe Box is more like Lost Box Now

    • I think so too :( despite the full sized products, they weren’t catered to me and everyone got the same thing. Plus they were all drugstore products, not “luxe” products. Oh well, glad I cancelled.

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