Rose & Raspberry. Black Sesame & Yuzu

Macaron Adventures Part VI: Bel Cafe

Yes! Another macaron spot in Vancouver, and I enjoyed it with lovely weather and a lovely friend. Today’s choice of macaron eats is Bel Cafe, located in Downtown on West Georgia.

Bel Cafe storefront

You can take out macarons and pastries, or wait to be seated. We decided to sit down. Bel Cafe have savoury and sweet selections of food- such as soup and sandwiches, or pastries, desserts, and macarons!

I ordered a “Dawn” Tisane Tea ($2.50 + tax) – which is organic ginger fresh tea, and 2 macarons ($2 each ($1.79 + tax))- Rose & Raspberry flavour, and Black Sesame & Yuzu flavour. My friend ordered a Femtimans Soda in Curiosity Cola ($3.57 + tax) and 2 macarons as well – Vanilla Bean & Cookies and Cream.

Rose & Raspberry. Black Sesame & Yuzu

I love the simplicity of two pretty, colourful food items sitting on a plain, white dish. The rose and raspberry macaron was divine! It wasn’t sugary sweet, it had raspberries in the ganache, I didn’t feel like I was biting into butter-the ganache was creamy and melty. The macaron had the slight hint of a rose taste, and it smelt more like a rose than tasted like one. The raspberry flavour was fresh. I love it!

The other one- black sesame and yuzu was more peculiar, but I liked it too! I had no idea what yuzu was until I googled it twenty minutes ago, but apparently is some sort of Asian citrus fruit. The ganache was a bit tart, but it complemented with the black sesame flavour well! I didn’t know what to expect, so I liked the macaron Hellespont!


I love a good cup of hot tea, and I love anything that has ginger, so this tea was the best of both worlds. It didn’t have a strong raw gingery taste, but it had a good zingy flavour which I enjoyed. The tea leaves are organic too!

Vanilla Bean & Cookies n’ Cream

Unlike I who like to eat different macaron flavours, my friend opted the more conventional sweet confectioneries- vanilla bean and cookies n’ cream. She had her pupils dilated and a look of delight while chewing on these- which means that these macarons hit the home run as well! I love the look of the cookies n ‘ cream macaron!

Curiosity Cola

This is the Curiosity Cola. The bottle looks like a vintage Harry Potter potions bottle! It tastes similar to coke, but  a bit sweeter, and a bit like Asian coke candy. It was a boost of sweet energy.

I enjoyed this mini-less expensive afternoon tea in downtown. This is a great location to grab a bite during the busy rush or a warm summer day while shopping amidst in Downtown Vancouver.

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12 thoughts on “Macaron Adventures Part VI: Bel Cafe

  1. Ahhhh I love macarons! And those look delish! I absolutely love yuzu haha! Hopefully I will get my hands on some macaron when I get back home (if there’s macaron in Manitoba… LOL)

    • I loveeee macarons too!!! I’m so addicted to trying them. It’s such a craze now!
      This was the first time I had yuzu!! Love it!!
      Hope you find some in Manitoba!!

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