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Make Up For Ever- Eye Makeover at Sephora

My friend and I were wandering around Sephora and poking away at the Make Up For Ever area and a sales associate came up and showed us their new Make Up Forever Aqua Eyeshadow stick. 

And then she ended up doing both of our eyes, and it was real fun!

This was my friend’s eye:

I believe she used 24E (pearly pink -$23)  on the inner 1/3 corner, 20E (pearly taupe- $23) in the middle, and 2E (matte brown- $23) on the outer corner for definition. Then she used the Aqua Liner($26) and Aqua smoky lash mascara ($25).  The sales associate also used 325 MUFE HD Invisible Cover Concealer($33) for the undereye. The colour was incredibly gorgeous on my friend and it really made her eyes pop!

Then it was my turn! I wanted to try purple- so she used MUFE Aqua Cream in 26- Purple (violet sheen $25) on the outer corner of my lids, and Aqua Shadow (24E Pearly Pink) on the inner.

The sales associate also used the same Aqua Smoky Lash on my lashes, and the HD Invisible Cover Concealer on my undereye. As you can see in the picture above, the mascara SMUDGED, even though it’s suppose to be waterproof and not smudge. I don’t know why it did- maybe because she put mascara over mascara  I was already wearing? She layered most of the mascara at the roots, and I really liked the length and volume of my lashes.

The concealer on my undereye area also started to wear off after 5 hours.

However, the stay of the eyeshadow was amazing. I did not have any primer on, though she put concealer over my lid. The purple eyeshadow stayed on my eyes after 8+ hours. The pearly pink eye shadow did crease a bit on my top lid, since I have folded lids. That goes unnoticed under glasses though.

Oh, I also asked the sales associate to do a wing liner on my eyes! Overall,I quite liked the look, and the staying power was decent, with the exception of the mascara. Anyone had experience with MUFE Smoky lash mascara  (the waterproof one?)

Pretty much, to get the look, it costs around $100, so my friend and I proudly walked away from Sephora spending nothing! I shall try to recreate something similar with my less priced items. :)

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