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Bubble Waffle Fail @ Bubble Waffle Cafe, Aberdeen

It’s so hard to find good Bubble Waffles now. My favourite place closed in Aberdeen food court a while ago, and I thought hope shimmered down when Bubble Waffle Cafe opened in the food court. I never tried any of their food before from their actual restaurant, which is now closed,  so I went to the food court specifically to try their menu.

They have a current special – Buy 1 noodle soup and get a bubble waffle for $1. Catchy? I regret it. The bubble waffle was worth $1, not $3.75 which is their original price!

So- firstly I ordered a noodle soup combo. Two toppings + noodles cost $4.75. You get to choose a soup base, two toppings, and type of noodles. I chose my soup base to be Hong Kong Style Satay Soup, topped with Beef Brisket slices and Fish Balls, with Vermicelli noodles. Many restaurants now have this “build your own noodle” type menu, and of all the ones I’ve been to, Bubble Wafe Cafe ranks somewhere down on the list. Because I ordered a noodle soup combo, I could choose to add a drink (lemon tea, horlick, ovaltine…)for $1.50- I wanted a lemon coke which costed $2 (original $2.50) instead of $1.50. And of course, I got a bubble waffle for $1 extra.

I don’t exactly know what’s Hong Kong Style satay, but due to my background from Hong Kong, and having been there and eat satay, I’m not sure where Bubble Waffle Cafe is getting at. The soup base was merely  satisfactory, but it wasn’t spicy and mouth watering enough for me. There was a lot of noodles, and around 4-5 slices of beef.

I was really excited to try the bubble waffles once I got them. So I thought they were going to be golden, chewy bubble waffles. BUT, they weren’t. They were  crispy and they taste odd the moment they get warm to lukewarm. They had the sweetness, but the texture was a big turn off for me. I didn’t finish it, and luckily, it only costed $1!

The best part of the meal~ my lemon coke!

The service wasn’t all that great, in fact, it was annoying. While I was ordering my food, the cashier stopped me around 3 times to call different numbers out for people to pick up their orders, so I had to repeat what I want again. They seriously should get another person to do the calling because I was getting frustrated at her sudden loud voice “NUMBER 8″ between ordering.

If you name the title of your restaurant/cafe with the specialty food item, I pretty much expect it to be extremely great, not extremely fail.

Bubble Waffle Cafe (Aberdeen Centre) on Urbanspoon

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