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Macarons (Part XI), Sweets, and Tea at Leonidas

I’ve been dying to check out Leonidas forever, and I dragged two of my friends to the Vancouver Convention Centre one sunny, windy Friday to find out this place. We wandered around for 20 minutes trying to find it, and we were glad we did! It was a very small place, but the customers were many. I’m lucky to have friends to aimlessly wander around with me!

Leonidas is a chocolate store, but they also sell ice cream and other baked treats (including macarons!)

Look at all the chocolate! I don’t know why I never buy chocolates from a chocolate store though. *shrugs*

My friend bought a cup of cookie dough ice cream with white chocolate base. My friend said tt was creamy, sweet, and perfect for the day, but more cookie dough flavour could’ve been added. She let me taste test, but I do not like white chocolate at all, so I wasn’t a fan. (Still love Bella Gelateria for gelato!)

I, myself, opted for macarons and a cup of tea! Leonidas serves Mighty Leaf tea, my favourite tea, but they’re so expensive! I got a cup of Organic Mint Melange, I love how the flavours of different mints are combined. Love mint tea!! I always feel so refreshed and detoxed after a nice cup of hot minty tea.

Of course, I also had to have some macarons! Because I went later in the day, there weren’t many flavours left. I bought three macarons at $2 each – black sesame, lemon and lavender, and espresso.

All three macarons were absolutely delicious and I liked the texture and its appearance.  The macarons weren’t overly sweet, and true to their flavour. Especially loved black sesame. I’m on a total black sesame food crave lately, and this macaron hit the spot! They were chewy and creamy, I want some more! I wish I got the Cherry flavour, because you don’t see that flavour everywhere, stupid me! I will definitely come back to spoil myself with those macarons!

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