Food Review: Toast Box at Flo Tea Room

I finally went to Flo Tea Room to try their version of the Honey Toast Box. I got mine drenched in Strawberry sauce. This toast box costs $7.50, which is $0.49 cheaper than Whatever Cafe. Also, making this was faster.

For all of you who don’t know what a toast box is, it’s essentially a block of toast, and inside are cubes of honey- sugar glazed toast. There were ice cream scoops on top, with pocky sticks, and an oreo, and some strawberry slices with strawberry sauce. I only enjoyed dipping the toast pieces within the ice cream, the strawberry, and the strawberry sauce.

The sauce tasted a bit like jam to me, so it was mediocre, but it tasted okay with the toast and ice cream. The toppings were definitely underwhelming compare to the Honey Toast Box at Whatever Cafe (see last review here,) but the toast of the Flo’s toast box was softer and easier to cut into, while the crust of the Whatever Cafe’s toast box was tougher. This dessert isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I found it fairly decent. However, I got full really fast from all the carbs.

I also ordered a ginger tea on the side for $5.50. I love drinking tea, especially ginger tea, with heavy food like this. It aids in digestion and gives you a zingy kick. It tasted fairly delicious and spicy, but it got too sweet in the end. But, I would order it again, and also the toast box. They have different kinds of sauces to go with the honey toast box.

I wish I lived closer to this location, since the one in Richmond doesn’t have stuff like Honey Toast Box yet. People might find this dessert unique and innovative, so you should try it! It’s great to share with people!

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