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Maybelline ColorSensational High Shine Gloss in Electric Shock

Hi everyone! Sorry for my lack of posts this month, schoolwork has been piling, and I haven’t done any product reviews for more than a week! But I got to tell you about my  new lip gloss!

Maybelline recently launched their new ColorSensational High Shine Gloss in 12 different colours. I ran out of Revlon’s lip gloss I have been using, and I saw a bunch of Maybelline’s lip glosses at London Drugs on sale, I had to pick some up! One colour I picked up is Maybelline ColorSensational High Shine Gloss – Electric Shock (06).

Maybelline writes on their site that these are 100% wax free and it has a creamier feel due to honey nectar.

The Maybelline gloss applicator is one of the best I’ve come across. It’s spongy and easy to maneuver  that helps apply onto your lips perfectly.

This gloss is not sticky, pigmented, and can be buildable from pink to electric pink! It’s very creamy and it doesn’t even feel like a gloss to me! There are some micro glitters, but I barely notice it when I wear it. There’s more shine than glitter for sure, which is what I like! For me, the less glitter the better in a product.

The smell has a sweet, vanilla fruity smell. I can’t smell it once worn, and no distinct taste either.

Because of it’s creamy texture, it lasts for couple hours, and it fades when I eat or drink. It hasn’t dried out my lips yet, but make sure your lips are moisturized and exfoliated before putting it on! Once the lips start to dry, the lip gloss clings on to the dead skin.

 1-2 swipes of the lip gloss and I can get a very bubblegum pink colour. It’s a fairly bright colour, one that I would wear out at night but not to school. How to solve this problem?

To mute Maybelline ColorSensational High Shine Gloss’ “Electric Shock” pink- I would put it on, then use a tissue to blot it off, then put lip balm over it. By toning down the colour, it looks more natural to wear it during the day.

Anyone else tried other colours in Maybelline ColorSensational High Shine gloss line? I’ve got more colours to review in the future!

9 thoughts on “Maybelline ColorSensational High Shine Gloss in Electric Shock

    • Thanks Taylor! I’m such a die hard for anything pink. So much for my lip product ban :(
      I just realized the picture on the left has really messed up lighting compared to my computer monitor and my whole face looks pink tinted!

  1. I miss your product reviews! I actually haven’t bought much this month because you haven’t reviewed anything…! Going to shoppers tmr to get this ;)

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