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Food Review: Ikea!

I FINALLY went to the new Ikea in Richmond to eat at their cafeteria/ dining place. Their food section reminds me of a cafeteria- trays, steel and metal fixings, and food in heated trays. However, price wise, it’s unbeatable! You can score a cheap meal here and be satisfied (for me, at least.)

I had the Meatball combo for $5.99– which includes 10 meatballs, mashed potatoes, a small salad, and a drink. There is a separate area to make the mini salad yourself- there isn’t much choice in toppings. All the types of salad leaves are the same, and you can add cherry tomatoes and cheese. I also decided I really want to try the cinnamon bun at Ikea too, so I also got a coffee (or you can get tea) plus a cinnamon bun for $2.

Because you fill the cups with a drink of your choice at a separate fountain, drinks are refillable for free!

The Swedish meatballs are iconic in Ikea. And there is no question why- they’re simply delicious! Don’t be fooled by its plain, outer appearance; these meatballs were juicy and appetizing, I wish I got more meatballs. Luckily, the mashed potatoes filled me post meatball consumption. Despite the simplicity of the meal, I like how the people working there added a sprig of parsley to garnish the cranberry sauce on the side. This was so worth the $5.99!

On the other hand, the cinnamon bun was a “meh” in my books, possibly because I have had too many cinnamon buns in my lifetime so I have standards set now. Even if it was heated, I won’t expect to be floored by it. It was a bit too sweet and a bit too doughy. I ended up eating all the middle (the best part) and I left the outer crust to sit in my bowl before putting the tray away.

The prices are great at Ikea, and the quality of the food is memorable (except for the cinnamon bun which is plain.) However, the entrees are great to fill you up and it goes easy on the wallet!

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8 thoughts on “Food Review: Ikea!

  1. I don’t know, the price seems pretty decent to me. It’s expensive compared to T & T maybe lol. I think I’ll try this next time. Come for cheap food leave with a couch.

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