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Foodie Visit: Tokyo Joe’s Ramen Okawari

Always craving ramen. Two of my friends had lunch with me at Tokyo Joe’s Ramen Okawari. I think I’ve been on a ramen craze lately, and this place is fairly convenient to go to, if you’re not driving- because they share the parking lot with Price Smart and it is crazy trying to find a spot!

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I went there once earlier this year, and coming here again months later, I noticed a change in their menus. They have 5 choices of ramen- which you can see from the menu here. My friends and I each ordered a different bowl of ramen.

Okawari Origin Ramen

Okawari Origin Ramen

Ramen Sapporo Miso Ramen

Ramen Sapporo Miso Ramen

I ordered the Black Ramen ($9.50) which had Japanese “Ma-Yu” Ramen, Shoyu (Soy Sauce) Bean  Paste, Sake Teriyaki cooked Pork Belly, soft yolk egg, sliced onion, and bean sprout.

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For the price, the portion seems smaller, but it was enough for me to finish. The soup had so much flavour, albeit on the salty side, but I could not stop drinking it! The belly was cooked perfectly- it was easy to chew and the sauce was great, although I couldn’t taste the “sake” part of it.

Apart from a delicious bowl of steaming hot ramen, we also shared two special sushi rolls.

The first one is the Black Forest Mountain Sushi ($9.95) – “The Sushi Cake Style, Yam Tempura inside, Avocado and Inari on top with Black Sesame sauce.”

I never had a sushi in a cake style, who would’ve expected it to look like this?

Photo 2012-12-01 1 54 16 PM

Photo 2012-12-01 1 56 56 PM

I was a huge fan of this sushi. It was original and fun to eat. I like anything with black sesame, and the sauce with spinach tasted great with the rice. There was a lot of rice though, would’ve been nice to see more yam stuffed inside.

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The next roll we ordered was the Stamina Roll ($13.95)- “Crab meat, smoked salmon, unagi and avocado on top.”

It looked like a giant caterpillar when it came, a colourful, edible one of course. I really enjoyed the unagi on top. The sushi was a bit big so it took me two bites to eat it. I’m a huge sucker for smoked salmon and it tasted fresh inside the sushi.

Photo 2012-12-01 2 00 54 PM

Photo 2012-12-01 2 00 45 PM

Aesthetics of sushi rolls are always appealing, and I give 10/10 for the presentation alone!

Because we went on a Saturday afternoon, parking was miserable. People were shopping at Price Smart so it was hard to find a spot- I suggest be willing to walk a bit farther to find a car spot.

Between a bowl of ramen and sharing two rolls of sushi, I was left full and satisfied after the meal. The servers were very kind in greeting us and taking our orders and the food arrived a reasonable speed.The atmosphere is very casual and relaxing; also spacious and clean.  With the decent quality of food, I do plan to return to this place again!

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